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Enrollment Technology

Employers around the country have been implementing software solutions to manage the repetitive tasks involved with HR and Benefits Management. At Colonial Life South Florida District Office, we are experts on building and maintaining several Benefit Administration Systems (BenAdmin).

By training employees through our Benefits Communication and one-on-one enrollments, we help contain the costs of enrollment and eliminate the paperwork associated with open enrollments.

Many benefits administration systems we utilize can assist with PTO tracking, payroll, benefit management, and ACA compliance. Below are a few systems we offer that can be utilized by any group of any size.

Benefit Administration

Harmony is a secure online enrollment system that allows you to tailor the benefits that you offer your employees or clients. It also enables benefits experts to easily walk your employees through the enrollment process, ensuring that they make choices that are best for themselves and their families.This enrollment tool can be used to enroll carrier benefits as well as Colonial Life Voluntary products. It also features a versatile reporting tool.



Employee Navigator simplifies benefits & HR for brokers and HR departments around the country. This all-in-one product consolidates everything from benefits administration to compliance, on-boarding and more into one place. Employee Navigator works with the nation's leading insurance brokers to make it easier for companies of all sizes to run and grow their businesses.

Employee Navigator


Utilized by employers, brokers & carriers to facilitate benefit administration, enrollment, communication and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting tools, Selerix provides a robust option for clients. The industry leading flexibility of the BenSelect platform accommodates both core and voluntary insurance products with ease. 

Selerix (BenSelect)

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