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South Florida District Office

Our Goal...

The goal of the South Florida District Office of Colonial Life is to drive industry excellence as the single source provider of innovative insurance solutions and enrollment services. We actively work to remove stress from Human Resource Managers, save business owners money, empower brokers to expand their business, and serve individuals with exceptional, personalized service.

What we do for...

Broker Level Support
   ✔ Full electronic enrollment services for all benefits - for any size group  

   ✔ Post enrollment electronic reports back to carriers and payroll   

   ✔ Dedicated Relationship Manager and Account Manager for the brokerage and their accounts

Account Level Support
   ✔ Customized Enrollment Database 
   ✔ One on one, call center, and/or webinar benefits counseling sessions with our Team of 60+ Representatives, many of      whom are bilingual

   ✔ Complimentary, value added services of Wellcard and KOFE for all employees

   ✔ Specialty "Choose One" benefits - offered on a complimentary basis to each employee that sits with a Colonial Rep

   ✔ Benefit Booklets for smaller clients
   ✔ Election Forms for employees on site provided to employees and employers

Policy Holders
   ✔ Individual sessions with our knowledgeable Benefits Counselors who can explain all benefits offered by their employer
   ✔ Valuable benefit options to meet every employee's needs and budget

   ✔ Summary election form and benefit statement

   ✔ 24/7 access to policy information on Colonial Life's website

Our Team
South Florida District Office Staff
Walter Benitez, 
Premier District General Manager

Phone: 786-250-0016

Walter grew up in New York and spent 9 years in the Marine Corps. That experience left a lasting impression and he brought the same Corps value of Teamwork, Leadership, Discipline, and Integrity to everything his team does. He has successfully moved up in Colonial Life to lead the South Florida District with almost 25+ years with the Company. Walter’s Philosophy is: “Treat your Reps with respect, always work harder than the competition and never, ever take your clients for granted."

Lisa Benitez
Senior Relationship Manager

Phone: 786-250-0016

Born in the Midwest, Lisa started her career working in the product management area for several large multinational companies. She left the corporate world 15 years ago to join Colonial Life as a sales rep specializing in law enforcement agencies before moving into a management role. She now works directly with Brokers and Business Owners to develop innovative cost saving strategies and portfolio enhancements. 

Alexander Brito 
Agency Development Manager

Alex started his Colonial career in 2009 in the Public Sector space with the State of Florida. He now focuses on New Rep Development while maintaining broker and account relationships. Outside of work, Alex enjoys competitive road running, traveling, scuba diving and spending time with his family.

Job Guzman
Enrollment Manager

Job Started his career in the insurance industry in 1992. Since then, he's worked in several roles including sales, service, new account development, recruiting/training and financial planning. His primary Role now is training, coordinating and logistics for on-site enrollments. On his spare time, Job loves to travel and play music.

Gary Nabors
Agency Development Manger

Gary started his insurance career in 2001 after a successful career in an industry where he gained experiencing managing large employee groups. His insurance career started with the individual market and grew into developing teams focusing in the group market with an expertise in Employee Benefits. Outside of work Gary enjoys golf, tennis and most anything outdoors.

Andrea Face.jpg
Andrea Browning 
Senior Account Coordinator

Andrea grew up in New England and started work in the restaurant business at 16. After owning a few restaurants, she moved over to the hospitality field to Mange a large resort company. 8 years later she moved to Houston to begin her career with Colonial Life. Her roles have included recruiting, training and development, and sales. She's now a coordinator for the Benitez Office which she has done for 12 years.  

Wally Benitez
Database Coordinator

Wally started with Colonial Life in 2011. Working as a Broker Support Specialist and Database Coordinator, Wally provides unique data to the Broker and Broker Client. He also provides custom reporting that fits broker and client needs. On his free time Wally enjoys amateur photography and wood working.

Aaron Harrigan
Network & Computer Sys Administrator

Aaron has worked in the Networking and Information Systems for 13 years, attaining IT experience from years prior. He came to Colonial to join Walter Benitez team as a Network and Systems Admin to manage the office network as well as database management. His primary focus is Enrollment Technology and Data Transmission utilizing systems provided by Selerix and Employee Navigator. On his spare time, he often enjoys catching a football game and traveling when he can with his daughter.

Lindsey Saurez 
Senior Account Manager

Lindsey has been with Colonial Life since 2012, working her way up from auditor to Senior Account Manager. In addition to overseeing her own accounts, she also overees many others on her Account Management Team. Lindsey also handles day to day requests and inquiries from policy holders and employers, schedules monthly new hire enrollments, and processes claims for policy holders. When she is not managing accounts, she is at home managing her 3 kids and spending time with her fiancée.

Nerrisa Verges
Account Manager

Nerissa started with Colonial Life in April of 2010 as an Office Manager. She is currently an Account Manager who is responsible primarily for Claims.

On her free time, she enjoys bike riding with the kids, the beach. and having BBQ's with the family. 

Alejandro Lopez 
Account Manager

Alejandro has been with Colonial Since October of 2017. He has over 8 years of insurance experience, including Claims and Customer Service. During his free time Alejandro enjoys spending time with his two sons and making fun of Aaron's New York Giants team.

Mayde  Martinez
Account Manager

Mayde came to Colonial on February 2017 as a Customer Support Specialist. Shortly after, she was promoted to Account Manager. On her free time, you can find her frolicking in the ocean and spending time with her family.

A quote to live by:

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love"

- Mother Theresa

Michel Gutierrez
Call Center Representative

Michel has been working in a Call Center environment for more than 15 years. Roles including sales, technology services & tech support make up the majority of his experience. He joined Colonial Life and began with the Benitez office in 2018. He now shares his call center experience with the South Florida District Office.

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